Floyd Wickman with R2 Coaching willed himself to success by consistently prospecting. He shares with ProspectingToday how to persevere and build client relationships.

Learn From Your Failures

Fear holds so many agents back from becoming their most successful selves. Floyd Wickman grew up with guts, learning to accept failure along the way. Occasionally in his seminars, he will boisterously scream “NO!” to scare participants and tell them that is the worst “NO!” they will ever hear. Doing this shakes them out of their mindset that hearing “no” is too much for them to handle. He shows them they can handle it, even hearing a really loud, obnoxious “no”.

Wickman says he started finding success in selling real estate when he decided he would not end his work week until he had secured 5 new listings. This goal led to some very long work days. 

Prospecting is key, without it Wickman says, “close your doors. That’s the door that gets you talking to people.” Continue prospecting, find your reason, set a goal and success will follow.

Client Relationships

Wickman has built numerous client relationships over the years. Mailboxes get crowded, but checking in and hearing a voice on the other end of the phone makes a world of difference. Check in around the holidays, ask how your clients are doing. 

When first seeing a client’s home, Wickman’s first move is to compliment the home and thank the seller for their time. He makes a point to sit around the kitchen table to make decisions. 

Bringing a list of expireds and explaining to clients that he doesn’t let this happen and what went wrong makes clients understand your priority is selling their home. Take control of the meeting and you will be surprised how comfortable clients will feel putting their next real estate transaction in your hands. 

How do you keep in contact with past clients? Which failures taught you the most?