There’s a large portion of real estate agents who don’t close on any transactions.

“Real estate is harder than it looks. The market is constantly shifting. You have to constantly adjust,” says Bruce Gardiner, CEO, Mastery, Inc.

Gardiner has come up with seven different styles of agents. Depending on which style you are, will determine which lead type would bring you the most success.

  • Style #1: The Hunter. They live for the pursuit of the business. They don’t care about rejection. They don’t care about relationships. They work the FSBOs, Expireds, and Open Houses.
  • Style #2: The Farmer. These agents are relationship-oriented. They build relationships that lead to lots of referrals.
  • Style #3: The Networker. This agent generates business from within a group. They work a room well, or they will get within an organization like a church, to find their best leads. The “group” offers a common ground.
  • Style #4: The Lifestyle. These agents focus on relationships which are based on a tribe. Harley Davidson lovers are a tribe. They use social interaction and the web to connect. They also do lifestyle blogging.
  • Style #5: The Expert. This agent becomes an expert in a niche of real estate, such as a short sell expert. They focus on some aspect of real estate which creates a targeted “value proposition” for their “ideal client”.
  • Style #6: The Hyperlocalist. This agent becomes an expert in a geographical area. They are the local expert in the market space, and they have superior market knowledge.
  • Style #7: The Billboard. This agent uses massive marketing and advertising to generate leads. They have a definable brand. They build up a team of agents and administration help.

Gardiner says,

You must pick one, and stay focused on what makes that particular agent successful.

“If I meet someone in real estate, and they are doing well, then they can always tell me that they are doing just one of these.”

Which style of agent are you?